Armstrong & Cheshire, LLC fully warrants all residential driveway work against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from date of application. We will honor all written claims under the following conditions: Armstrong & Cheshire, LLC cannot be held responsible for damage to sealer during initial curing time (24 hours for vehicle traffic and 48 hours for lawn service and irrigation use).

Armstrong & Cheshire, LLC will not be responsible for damage during the warranty period due to standing water, physical damage, gas, oil, chemicals or antifreeze spills. Areas directly beneath overhanging trees may not maintain uniform coverage due to heavy tree sap in the asphalt which inhibits long term sealer adhesion. Warranty is null and void for any invoices not paid in full within 30 days of project completion.

Commercial applications require a minimum two coats of sealer application and may also require a third coat on very high traffic areas to be eligible for Warranty. Ask your representative for details.